donderdag 7 juli 2016

Enchanted Forest, Unicorns, Gnomes and Frog Prince all in one skirt!!

Last one this week, how about this for color?? Makes up for all the black/white/gray stuff from the past couple of weeks just on it's own right?

When I found this fabric I instantly fell in love and cherished it in my stash for quite a while. The time has come to say goodbye and let a little girl discover the amazing digitally printed cotton while wearing it as a skirt.

Unfortunately, my stash is very limited so if you adore it as much as I do, you shouldn't wait too long. 

Find it in my Etsy shop or leave me a message on Facebook ( )

I currently have 1 size ready to ship:

Size 4T-5T (European size 104 cm) 22€

The following sizes have a processing time of about a week, I will make them as they are ordered. Please note that the placement of the print on the skirt can vary from skirt to skirt.

3T ----------- (EU size 92 cm) 22€
Sz 6 ---------(EU size 110-116 cm) 25€
Sz 7 ----------(EU size 122-128 cm) 25€
Sz 8 ---------(EU size 134-140 cm) 25€

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